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We supply to canada, U.S.A.,europe,africa & gulf region market.we have team of technical people who moniter your production cycle till delivered.we have our own research and development team to modify,annalysys,redesign and new innovation for your product requirements.we ensure about quality and delivered in time for commitments.

about us

More than 15 years of experience

Micro Tech Impex was founded in 2019 in Rajkot, India. Micro Tech Impex is the manufacturing firm of Bawl inc. Montreal, Canada, founded in 2012 and having machining unit firm Tejasvi Industries, Rajkot, India, founded in 2012, over the years, we have acquired experience in the design and manufacturing of customized products in various sectors and in different industrial markets, and also particular thanks to our partners and our engineering department.

Water Pump

We offers submersible pumps, From small pumps to heavy duty trash pumps. Our water pumps offer outstanding performance.

Sand Casting Product

We are driving worldwide producers of complex sand castings. Microtechimpex fabricates sand castings for differing conclusion markets.

Fabrication Item

We are leading manufacturer and supplier in India of all kinds of fabrication items like barbeque, dustbins, bike stands of good quality.

Investment Casting Parts

We produce high quality investment casting parts.We are a Professional Manufacturer of ‪Investment Casting Parts which are Cost Effective and long running.

Forging Parts

Hot forging is the strength of metal gains. Metals hot forged have a strong ductility, the ability to be significantly deformed and reshaped giving them a stronger resilience to tensile stress. Parts made using hot forging are stronger because the forging process changes the internal grain of the part changing its form and strength characteristics.

Fire Safety

We are leading fire fighting manufacturer and supplier in India. Microtechimpex is the manufacturer  of all types of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems, and, Fire Protection Equipment.

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